Janel Hutchison

FFI Program Coordinator

Janel is a dedicated, passionate person who works creatively with others. With over 15 years of nonprofit experience, Janel enjoys working on projects that bring together people with diverse expertise, backgrounds and skillsets to improve systems and programs.

Janel is passionate about working in partnerships and believes strongly in the power of collaboration. In her role at the Food Finance Institute, she works collaboratively with food experts, partners, entrepreneurs, and consultants to strengthen food-focused programming. Listening, reflecting, and sharing are all part of her work process.

In addition to her role role at FFI, Janel has been dancing ballet professionally for 15 years and continues to stay closely connected to the dance community. When not working at FFI, she enjoys working with local choreographers, performing in various dance productions and sharing her knowledge as a dance teacher. She is passionate about increasing access to dance and currently volunteers in adaptive dance classes for children and teens with disabilities in the Madison area.

  • Bachelor of Science in Life Sciences Communication and Community and Environmental Sociology, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Master of Science in Human Ecology, University of Wisconsin-Madison

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