Trained and Certified Consultants

Our consultants use the tools, resources, rigorous training, and mentorship provided in the FFI consultant training program to better understand and guide food-focused businesses.

Food Finance Institute Trained Consultants

Level 1: Business Model Optimization

In Level 1, participants are trained in current market trends in the sector, the basics of conducting market research, various business models in food (and their accompanying metrics/capital structure) as well as in-depth case studies of business model optimization.

Level 2: Financial Packaging

In Level 2, participants are trained on the process of raising appropriate debt, strategic investments, and equity investments in food, beverage, and value-added farm businesses. This includes a discussion of the legal, financial, and governance prerequisites and implications of raising equity.

Our Premier Consultants have successfully completed a project, like a fundraising request for a food, beverage or value-added agriculture business with Tera Johnson, Founder of FFI and teraswhey®, to earn this certification.