Financial Management Boot Camp

This Immersion Training takes entrepreneurs, like you, out of the business’s day-to-day environment and provides the tools you need to build a more resilient food-focused business; through a combination of instruction, one-on-one coaching, and networking.

Boot Camp is right for you if:

  • Your business is profitable and you want to take its performance to the next level. 
  • Your business market position and profitability are eroding and you know you need to adapt.
  • You’re a young company that has never reached profitability and you know things need to change. 
  • You need to raise money and know you need to get prepared to be successful.

Why Should I Go to Boot Camp?

Since taking Boot Camp I have already met with my accountant to help me tweak my work flows for bookkeeping. I feel like the next phase of growth for the business is so much more tangible after Boot Camp because now I have a plan!
Amy Wallner
Amy’s Acre

Boot Camp equips you with everything you need to profitably grow your business and raise money.

Boot Camp is quick and intense

You will focus on only the most important things in your business. Our experts help you identify the most pressing issues and help you work through them.

The best part: you show up with your financial statements and we take it from there. No other pre-prep is needed.

Walk away with:

  • A realistic and clear business model path that you can articulate to anyone who asks
  • Financial systems and reports that will stand up to scrutiny by banks and investors
  • A credible business plan with realistic assumptions about future growth
  • A digital financial package to share with your stakeholders and support your fundraising

Training and financial consulting from the best

Experts from the Food Finance Institute will lead training sessions, diving deep into the four topics for each day of Boot Camp. Plus, they and other consultants will work with you individually so you have everything you need to profitably grow your food-focused business and raise money.

What can I expect from Boot Camp?

Four intense, focused days to learn and really work on your business. 

Day 1: Optimizing Your Business Model

It’s a business model, not a product, that determines whether or not your company makes money. Get clarity on your business model and a realistic path to meet your goals.

Day 2: Fixing Your Financial Infrastructure

Your financial statements help you and your stakeholders fully understand your business. Understand your statements and fix financial systems problems.

Day 3: Developing Your Financial Plan

You are moving forward, so you need to look forward. Develop realistic assumptions for forecasts of sales, marketing and operations plus the capital structure you need to get there.

Day 4: Getting Ready to Raise Money

You will need to raise money to grow your food-focused business. Learn how to do a great pitch and properly document your business so you can successfully raise money.

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