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Hosted by Tera Johnson, the Edible-Alpha® Podcast is your source for actionable insights into making money in food. Released twice-monthly, the podcast captures great conversations with consultants, entrepreneurs, bankers and investors about building and funding profitable food and beverage businesses.

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Generating Income In A Small Diversified Vegetable Farm

Abby and David started farming one acre of rented land with a two-wheel BCS tractor and sold their vegetables through a small CSA, a farmers market and a farmstand outside their home. Their current mix of distribution includes 3 farmers markets, 4 grocery stores, 100 family CSA members and between 5 and 20 restaurants in a given week, with a farmer friend providing distribution to local restaurants. This podcast discusses their journey from one acre of rented land to 30 acres of owned land (with 5 acres in production) as well as their future goals.

Leveraging Plant-Based Foods for Rural Prosperity

The Great Falls Development Authority is a public-private partnership with about 80% of funding coming from the private sector. Great Falls is seeking to leverage its reputation as the “Golden Triangle” to grow its larger scale producers (as opposed to smaller scale, cottage food industry producers) for larger domestic markets. While there are difficult challenges in living in rural America, entrepreneurship and the entrepreneurial spirit has been key to people providing employment for themselves. One of the key challenges that remain is getting rural people connected to larger markets outside their area and understanding the consumers in that area. In addition, there is a huge need for people not familiar with agriculture or who are not from rural areas to learn about current agriculture production to inform how they could best create businesses and systems that reflect their goals.

At Evolve Brands, Strategy is Everything

As a growing company, strategy is everything at Evolve Brands. Since the snack category is crowded, they have focused their efforts on sales and marketing to build and continually support a strong distribution footprint of around 2,500 independent, natural and co-op grocery stores. From that position of strength and with valuable data to support their strategy, they can evaluate opportunities in more traditional retail channels. In physical stores, Evolve Brands strategically chose to pursue a single-serving product strategy to open up both placement possibilities in store as well as distribution in non-traditional channels where snacks are prominent, like convenience stores.

Transforming a Food Pantry into an Engine for Rural Prosperity

The Livingston Food Resource Center is a nonprofit food pantry and service provider serving a county of 17,000 people in rural Montana with a food acquisition model to purchase directly from area farmers and ranchers. Kitchen rental, value-added processing, community room rental and catering all provide earned income for their operations.