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The Secret to Building a Resilient Business

The COVID-19 pandemic threw a massive wrench that few food and farm businesses saw coming. Entrepreneurs barely had time to accept that this crisis was real and raring to hit the U.S. before it sent them scrambling to navigate its ramifications for their businesses. Whether their primary sales channel evaporated overnight or demand for their products quadrupled in a flash, everyone was forced to deal with unprecedented change as they did whatever was necessary to stay afloat.

Should Your Brand Self-Manufacture?

Most food entrepreneurs will inevitably face the question of whether to self-manufacture or use a co-packer. For many, this comes after their business takes off and they need to ramp up production, and they realize their home or commercial kitchen will no longer suffice. To meet demand and continue scaling, they must either acquire more manufacturing space and larger-scale equipment or else partner with an established contract manufacturer.

Are You ‘Just Another Food Brand’?

When launching or scaling a food business, most entrepreneurs think about branding—among the million other things bouncing around in their heads. Between product development, ingredients, manufacturing, packaging, distribution, marketing and website design—and without much if any help on board at the beginning—branding can easily slip down the priority list. Plus, if your sister designs a snazzy logo on Canva and your kid manages the company’s Instagram, that’s branding, right? Not exactly…